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Team of Industrial Engineers

Initiatives Development
Making Sustainable Initatives

Strategic Planning

Planning the MVP, step by step, and helping teams to overcome obstacles and to develop products in an agile way. Our experience and methods have managed to help organizations to develop working products in less than 6 months. 


In order to develope a unique and innovative product, the team must be professionals and experts who are fully knoweldgeble on the initative specifications. This is a key factor on the road to success.


Our expertise in developing startups, is starting with a quick validation for the startup demand. By doing so we are reducing company resources. We are seeking to discover customers' true willingness to use tha product daily.


Connecting to others while developing initatives is an essenetial part in meeting users needs and to gain customers and knowledge about our new products.


Following up with  startup development experince and research analysis, teamwork is one of the most importatnt factors for startups' success. Team success requires specialization, credibility, and coordination.

Flexible MIndset

What happenes when we are developing initatives but the customers don't like it?  That's the time to be flexible and to pivot. Lots of entrepreneures fail in this stage.


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