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Innovation Consultancy

Our world is disrupted. AI is revolutionizing our world, and we must keep up to stay competitive.  You can find consulting services related to innovation hubs, start-ups, strategic planning, and our unique "Human/AI Metro Map" - goal-oriented planning integrated with artificial intelligence tools.

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

Identifying the right challenge is the first step. From there, effective strategic planning becomes much easier. A professional strategic plan will lead to organizational innovation and a new value proposition. In addition, we are "ISO 56:000" for Innovation Management certified organizations testers.

Working from Home


Startups must validate their ideas.

It doesn't matter if it was started outside the company or if it was started by the employees. Startups and initiatives can lose many resources if they do not obtain proper validation early. Startch has successfully accompanied dozens of start-ups from idea to implementation.


Human/AI Metro Map

Using the metro map we developed, organizations can understand what they are trying to accomplish, otherwise every road will lead to the same location. In an age of artificial intelligence, we are here to help organizations identify their challenges and goals and help them grow and adapt to the pace of change.

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