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Workshops & Lectures

Developing business growth solutions through creative thinking

Develop innovative products and services that meet the needs of customers and enable business growth by utilizing industry-leading techniques. On this journey of entrepreneurship, we will learn about sources of creative thinking that are based on innovative developments that we all know and use every day. The learning process will cover the widely used SCAMPER technique along with other techniques that have created breakthrough and disruptive solutions.

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The future of work by the
Artificial Intelligence

An introduction to Genrative Artificial Intelligence (GAI).  The basic concepts, working with prompts, principles of optimization, content analysis, training on the most common tools. We will learn about the tools and techniques reserved for professionals. In addition to the opportunities, advancements, and innovations that these powerful tools bring with them, we will also focus on the dangers and threats they bring.

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A secret power of entrepreneurship - Generative AI

Workshops & Lectures

Before investing resources into product or service development, how can we perform "AI validation"? What is MAP and how does it help us to make sure we are meeting the customers' needs in the entrepreneurship process? As part of the training, the Lean Startup methodology will be used to develop initiatives, with an emphasis on validating them in order to ensure their success. 

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Productivity and human resource management with AI

Humanity has never had access to such a lot of information and knowledge as we do with AI. Through the development of various tools, we can receive the assistance of a "smart advisor", a copilot, who is almost always available to us. It can include writing, fast reviewing of professional materials, knowledge management, human resource management, and assisting organizations in their learning - Companies of the future will be AI companies.

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Revolutionize marketing and branding - AI marketing tools

As a result of the profesional generative marketing AI tools, the world of marketing has changed forever. As part of the program, we will learn about the latest AI tools for the promotion, branding, and marketing of products, organizations, and individuals. We will learn how to build campaigns, write engaging ads, and create spectacular videos with a variety of tools. We will also gain a deeper understanding of how to use AI to create personalized and "brand voice" messages that resonate with the target audience.

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