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Start With a Challenge

Developing Leading and Excellent Organizations
Through Utilizing Creative Tools and AI 

Initiatives Development

Implementing innovative initiatives by helping teams move quickly and more effectively. Expertise in the development of initatives in large and complax organizations. Our approach is based on unique techniques that we've developed together with a well known methodolgy "Lean Startup".  

Workshops and Lectures

Support and guidance are sometimes all an employee needs. Creative Thinking workshops and Lectures developed by Startch have been delivered in dozens of organizations, providing employees with a window into entrepreneurship and innovation processes that have contributed to the organization's growth.

Innovation Consultancy

In over ten years of working with large and complex enterprises, Startch has specialized in innovation consulting.

Developed by us, "The Entrepreneurship Model" includes all the elements required for organizations to develop entrepreneurship successfully. It is a comprehensive framework that combines theory and practice.

סטראצ עלינו - מה זה הטמעת חדשנות בארגונים

About Startch

At Startch, we are passionate about helping organizations achieve their goals through innovative and creative tools. Startch has years of experience in entrepreneurship, creative thinking techniques, and innovation. We believe that every organization has the potential to be a leading and excellent organization, and we want to help you get there. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


Our Clients

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